No digas eso en inglés...

David Salomón


Es muy usual que aprendamos inglés como el que sale en los libros de estudio... Aprende a decir algunas cosas de manera más casual:

No digas: How are you?

Di: How you doing?

No digas: Why?

Di: How come?

No digas: Thank you.

Di: Appreciate it.

No digas: You're welcome.

Di: Anytime.

No digas: So so

Di: Kind of

No digas: I can't do it.

Di: I'm gonna do it ;)


Imagine, the sergeant asking you to throw the grenade, and instead of saying "I can't do it", saying "I'm gonna do it", you have to do it, you'll probably both die, and the last phrase said was: "Is a great day to die", but the sergeant is hartman, do it or not, is the same thing. So, you studied on EDteam, and you are a programmer, and instead of say "Hello world" you said "Bye world, Sorry PhP, i could never learn you, but you will disappear". Imagine too, that u follow Super Holly and you could never said: "english is tough. It can be taught through thorough thought, though." and u remember that meme, you died happy XD

Jose Velasco


Thank you, for the tip ...

Jose Alvarado



Nice teacher, thank you!! 😊

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